DispatchingSoftwareMASS Custom Hauling, Inc. has designed its own dispatching system from scratch, developing and refining it over the last four years.  The dispatch system is designed exclusively for the construction industry. It is completely web based.  Whether you use this system to dispatch on your own or have us do it for you, this system will save you time and money!

You could use this system to dispatch!

This system is extremely easy to use and allows you to change the dispatch very quickly when needed, due to rain delays, cancellations, early starts, etc.  We even have a mobile application of this system so you can make changes on the fly!  It will help you manage your own fleet and/or a hired fleet, complete with job costing, DBE hours and cost tracking, real time updates, and much more.  This system is able to track billable hours and rates by the hour, by the ton, or lump sum.  Save yourself time and money with this system! With this system, no more spending all your time on the phone!  This system will notify people for you when you dispatch their trucks and allow them to confirm the dispatch so you know they got it. This system will automatically filter which trucks can haul the material you are looking to haul and it will keep track of which trucks are still available for that specific day to be dispatched. This system can also benefit your customers and brokered/hired trucking companies.  You can set each of them up with their own access to the system so they can view the dispatch or reports that they may need.  This way you can keep all of your customers happy! These are just some of the things that this system can do!  Contact us today so we can show you the rest!  There isn’t another system out there like this for the construction industry!


We can dispatch for you!

You may also hire us to do your dispatching for you!  We have experience doing this for a large contractor using 80-100 trucks per day, and we have also done it for smaller contractors only using 10-20 trucks per day.  We are here to help you manage your jobs more efficiently and effectively.  Ask us for more information today!